Using an invoice discounting service

Using an invoice discounting service

Are you considering using an invoice discounting service? Invoice financing can help you get the money you need, when you need it, even if your invoice isn’t quite overdue. Sometimes, waiting for an invoice to be paid simply isn’t an option, so if you do need to get your hands on the money you’re owed now, talking to an invoice finance company could be the ideal move. With discounting, you usually borrow around 85-90% of what your invoice is worth then settle once you have been paid by your client. This discreet form of borrowing means your client never has to know you have been working with an invoice finance company and could be the ideal choice if you wish to continue trading with your client in future.

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What is the best option?

If all else has failed and your invoice is still overdue, you may wish to opt for invoice factoring. In factoring, you sell your invoice to a finance company who then chases up the payment themselves. If you’re not worried about your client knowing you’ve used an invoice finance company, this may the right option for you. Whatever you choose, invoice financing can help you get the money you need to continue growing your business and boost your cash flow. Any reputable invoice finance company will discuss your circumstances with you and help you choose the most appropriate service for your needs.

Choose the right company

Why not speak to three or four invoice finance companies so you can come to an informed decision on which company¬† to work with? Invoice finance is being used by companies from a wide range of industries. If you can’t wait any longer for your invoice or invoices to be settled, why not see what the invoice finance companies have to offer?

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